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Sol Rebel has mastered building shade scenes in PVSyst

Building shade scenes in PVSyst is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, here at Sol Rebel, we have mastered a technique to make it faster. It may seem like a lot of steps, but if you've ever built a shade scene in PVSyst, you know how slow and painstaking it can be.

1. First, we build the layout and shade scene in Helioscope.

2. Then, if there are a large number of modules (i.e. large ground mount), we first import to AutoCAD to change individual modules into larger sized ‘sheds’. This helps save PVsyst on processing time associated with shade scenes with a large number of modules.

3. Then we export to a .dxf, open it up in Sketchup Pro for a quick couple minutes to turn the modules into their own unique layer using a special tool and rotate the scene 180 degrees to match PVSyst’s coordinate system.

Note, if you have a project less than ~500kW-dc, you can skip the previous AutoCAD step and go right to this one.

4. Finally, we import the shade scene to PVSyst, check everything looks right, and it's done!


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